\\ Welch's Compound

\\ Name: E.Welch
\\ Occupation: Biochemist

Welch is a biochemist who was recently smuggled in from Canada after performing illegal gene research.
He is currently residing at the D'MoniK Headquarters, as he is wanted by the US Federal Government and the Canadian Mounted Police. Here, he continues his genetic experimentation.

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1/6/03 : We lit off a low explosive in Welch's lab. We filled the room up with smoke. He was pissed off.

 Watch: [Low] [High]

 The vent hood [after the fire]

 [If the videos won't play]

(This was a mixture of 3 parts sodium chlorate, 3 parts potato starch, and 1 part sulfur.)

1/7/03 : More low explosives!


This is the same as the above reaction, except magnesium has been added. This causes there to be more sparkling action, although it's not very visible in the clip.
[2] Another one of the same.
[3] This one has copper sulfate added, which gives it a more pink color.
[4] This is a similar mixture to #1, except potassium nitrate has taken the place of sodium chlorate as the oxidizer. Potassium nitrate gives off 1/3 of the oxygen released by sodium chlorate so this one is pretty lame.


This is a solid block of potassium nitrate, magnesium, and potato starch. It is covered with sodium chlorate/potato starch powder, which augments the reaction and makes it much cooler than #4.
1/8/03 : A few more clips.
[6] This has the same components as #3, except it contains much more copper sulfate. This retards the reaction, but gives it a lot more color.
[7] A better ratio of copper sulfate to fuel boosts the rate of this reaction, while keeping most of the color.
[8] This one has a bit of aluminum added, which causes it to give off more sparks.
[9] This composition contains calcium chloride, which gives it a bit brighter orange color.
[10]Same as #9, but with a good bit of aluminum to add sparks.
1/10/03 : Even more clips.
[11] A reaction between potassium permanganate and glycerin. It spontaneously lights on fire.
[12] Another one.
[13] Just more boring sodium chlorate and aluminum.
[14] The same, except a little bigger and with lithium chloride added for a reddish tint.