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~  Angie  L-O-V-I-N-G  Her  Little  Black  Dress:  ~
~  Every  Woman  Should  Have  One!  ~

B e l i e v e   i t   o r   n o t,
     I was born a boy.  As far back into my early childhood as I can remember, I questioned my gender and tried to imagine what it would feel like to be female.  For my entire life since, the persistent idea that I would significantly enjoy, and in fact prefer life as a woman has been eating away at my subconscious mind.  Now, in the wake of a terrible tragedy, I have found my phoenix.  I shall rise from the ashes of despair, spread my wings, and take flight as Angela;
A   B e a u t i f u l   B u t t e r f l y .

  New Shoes:
Living as a male, I never owned more than one wearable pair of shoes at a time (plus perhaps a pair of boots here and there,) but the shoe fever has officially overtaken Angela today.  In recent weeks before this, I had purchased two pairs of women's shoes, one being a pair of comfy white sneakers, and the other a pair of silver shoes that were flat but distinctly dressy.  Today, however, I acquired four more pairs at PayLess in Aviation Mall.  Going in, I knew I needed a nice pair of black dress-up shoes to accompany my favorite little black dress, but like countless women before me, I fell victim to the store's clever BoGo-50%-off Sale and ended up leaving with four pairs instead of just the one.  Despite my unplanned splurging, I'm still happy with my selections.  Now in the aftermath, I'm finding myself longing more and more for warmer weather to bring with it an excuse for me to wear sexy outfits like this outside and in public!!

Oh, and on an unrelated note but still worth mentioning, I found out yesterday that my Pops is already aware that I'm self-medicating with estrogen supplements.  This surprises me, as I had expected a good deal of opposition from him whenever he discovered what I was doing.  Perhaps it just hasn't come up yet between him and I, but I really hope that he won't feel the need to put down my decision.

Feb. 10, 2009

  Summary of Efforts to Date:
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Feb. 2009

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