1988 Pontiac Fiero: "Lola"

Name: Lola
Model: '88 Pontiac Fiero
Owner: Fuzz
Owned: 2005-

This is a rare 1988 Pontiac Fiero Base Edition
with factory sunroof and A/C.
The Fiero was produced from 1984-1988, but
the 88's were the only ones to receive a stiff
sports car suspension system, along with
many other fixes and upgrades.
I added a rear spoiler to make it look like the
Formula model and I upgraded the sound
system with a CD/MP3 deck, 2x Pioneer 4x10's,
and 2x Kenwood 4x6's.

GM spent millions of dollars to redesign this car
for 1988 and to make it drive the way it looks like it
should. They finally had all the kinks worked out...
then they cancelled the car. The 1988 models are
now the best examples of America's only
mid-engine domestic sports car.

My big plan for this car is to swap the engine.
Either a 350 V8 or a 3800 V6 (wish I still had one).
I am also thinking about adding NOS to the current
engine setup.


Click to Open Hi-Res Photos:

This is a scan of one of 500 original
concept drawings for the Fiero.
I have direct photocopies of 5 of these drawings.

This was the car when I first got it. Looks a little plain.

Looking better...

This is what you see in your rearview before I fly by.
I am He who Smokes Bitches.

Lights on!

No engine up here... but look at how clean and shiny
everything is!

We Fiero owners tend to keep our engines in the back.