1978 Dodge Maxivan: "Hector"

Name: Hector
Model: '78 Dodge Maxivan
Owner: Fuzz
Owned: 2005-

An antique van with rare features like
an original big block 400 V8 (the largest engine
I've ever had in a vehicle), heavy duty 3spd trans,
and a 10 thousand pound towing system.

This enormous vehicle is my response to
driving a true luxury coupe for a year
and a half. Patricia was very fast and fun
to drive, but with a small back seat that
didn't even fold down... in other words,
no party potential. That all changes with
Hector. Rear couch/bed, table, fridge, and
most importantly, shit loads of space.
I added things like a 17" flat screen
TV/Computer, 120 volt rear power
grid, electric heat, and trippy lighting.

See Project Hector


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