Sodium Metal & Bleach
Sodium reacts very violently with bleach. When bleach and sodium are mixed, hydrogen gas and a lot of heat are produced. The heat from the reaction ignites the hydrogen. As you can see, it kicks some ass.

Click to watch a video clip: (divx codec needed. Local Copy)

[1] Sodium and bleach in a small open glass bottle.
[2] Sodium and bleach thrown in a sealed glass bottle.
[3] Another sealed bottle. This one explodes in the air.
[4] A small explosion in a bottle on the ground.
[5] A shower of sparks on the rock.
[6] Just more on the rock.
[7] This one shatters the bottle.
[8] More sparks and lots of smoke.
[9] These two were the best from our first day.
[10] Just as cool.
[11] Our first attempt using our new remote detonator.
[12] A slightly larger piece.
[13] A very large piece (notice all the sparks).
[14] The biggest piece we could fit down the kneck of the bottle.

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