E X P A N D   T H I S   L I S T
 T h i s   i s   t h e   N e w   S h i t   ! !         S t a n d   U p   a n d   A d m i t   ! !
4/25/09:  Updated NavBar can now be collapsed (hidden) then expanded
 back to normal size at any time with a single click.
 This is especially handy if you are viewing this site on a low
 (800x600 or lower) resolution monitor, as hiding the NavBar
 provides additional display-space for the website's content.
2/10/09:  New Journal Entry on Angie's Transgender Transformation Page.

 Beginning work on Angie's profile and
 Transgender Transformation Page.


  R. I. P.       A l i s o n   H a y e s       R. I. P.

True Love, Forever and Always.
I will wait a lifetime to be with you again."

(10 . 27 . 1976   -   11 . 08 . 2008)


 Added a video clip of Buddah being fed while on Ali's chest.

12/22/07:  A separate picture folder for Buddah contains five new pics plus
 the three linked below. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
11/22/07:  Three new pics of our awesome little guinea pig named Buddah.
 [1] [2] [3]
11/08/07:  See into the past [9-05-2002] with archive.org.
11/08/07:  Complete overhaul of The Basement is in progress.
10/20/07:  Added six procedural links to The Basement.
5/20/06:  New photos in Kyle's Kloset.
5/19/06:  Updates to the Bob II project.
5/12/06:  I found a video of pure sodium being dropped into a lake!
5/11/06:  North Warren hates me so much that my website makes up an
 entire category of blocked web content.
5/03/06:  pics of the new Bob II robot, currently under construction.
5/02/06:  this expandable page logs updates.
4/28/06:  fuzz's pacman firepit added to kyle's kloset.
4/25/06:  new art by The Pope and Captain Caffeine.
4/24/06:  travel pictures from Japan.
4/15/06:  new art by Fuzz.