The Lab - Chemistry
Here we do experiments and create compounds (which we usually blow up later in the pits).

Laboratory Resources

Chemistry of Fireworks An explainiation of the cool shit that happens when a firework combusts.
Small Explosions & Other Demonstrations Video clips of Welch doing some demos.
See also: Welch's Compound Classroom demonstrations of lighting off low explosives.

Our Favorite Formulas & Equations

2Na + 2H2O -> 2NaOH + H2 + heat The mixing of sodium metal and water. One of the byproducts of the reaction is hydrogen gas. The reaction also produces heat, which ignites the hydrogen.
2Na + Cl2 -> 2NaCl + heat The production of table salt from its elemental components. When chlorine gas contacts sodium metal, salt and heat are produced. The reaction also glows a bright yellow.
(NH4)NaHPO4 -> NaPO3 + NH3 + H2O The first step in creating phosphorus from ammonium sodium hydrogenphosphate. More on this process can be seen in the phosphorus project file.
4NaPO3 + 2SiO2 + 10C -> 2Na2SiO3 + 10CO + P4 This is the second step in the creation of phosphorus. In this step, sand and charcoal are added to the sodium phosphite produced in step one. Upon heating, the phosphorus is liberated from the sodium phosphite.