Contents of the real

Have you ever wondered what really looks like? I mean the picture on the homepage isn't where I live or anything. In fact it's just something I found on an expensive realty website years back. Now if you really want to see the physical incarnation of the website (what looks like in real life) then check these out:

Shown in the 80GB flat file server that I custom built in Jan of 2006. There is also a wireless Netgear router for local LAN and underneath it all you'll find a full battery backup system which utilizes a car battery and a true-sine inverter to power the server and the full computer network infrastructure for hours even without outside power.

Here's a better view of just the file server. It has an integrated power supply (only runs on 24 watts of electricity) and I built a silent fanless cooling system for the 600MHz CPU.

So there it is. The real Hope you're not too disappointed ;-)