The Black Hole

[Ill 1] 1.3MB
Ill jumps from the rope.

[Ill 2] 1.5MB
Now he jumps from a little higher up.

[Ill 3] 754KB
Here he jumps from a dead tree on the other side of the water.

[Ill 4] 1.3MB
Ill tries to do a flip, but the landing is goofy.

[Derrickk 1] 1.3MB
Now Derrickk jumps.

[Derrickk 2] 1.9MB
Derrickk is always goofy.

[Derrickk 3] 1.3MB
... but here's his goofiest landing.

[Bob] 1.1MB
Bob and his ass fall from the rope.

[Pope] 1.7MB
Pope jumping isn't really funny, but it's cute.