The Entertainment Room
Here you will find many of our video clips and other wildly entertaining marvels.


Produced Video Collections

The Pits - Pyrotechnics

Explosions and pyro videos.

Ill's - Afro Sunday

Clips from the old Afro Sunday parties.

The Black Hole

Water jumping clips.

The Roads

Exciting motor vehicle abuse;
North country donut blowing in various cars.

The Pope's Vatican

This is where we keep all our hilarious Pope memorabilia.

Other Entertainment

The Studio - MP3's

A few tracks we put up for free.

Game Room - R U Bored?

Ahh, Java based web games inside nested framesets.

Links (sites almost as cool as mine)

Sodium Party

We made everyone wonder what would happen if you dropped pure sodium into a lake... well this guy has it on video!

Check out their movies. Some of them like this one look like mine.