Project July 4

This project is the preparation for our July 4 party. It's going to be sweet. We're going to blow lots of stuff up to show how patriotic we are and how thankful we are for our nation's independence. ;-) The first thing we need to do is to take a day to mix chemicals and get all our shit ready. Pictures will be added when we have some. The lab has a new page on the Chemistry of Fireworks.

Update - 7/19/02 : Well, we finally got around to blowing some shit up today. It didn't go as planned. I sort of blew up my leg a little bit.
Update - 7/25/02 : This project had to be aborted for police reasons. Did you know that in NY you can be put away for up to one year for posession of a sparkler? Really. Like the ones they sell in stores. What a crock of shit.