Project Hector

Pictured is my 1978 Dodge Maxivan "Hector" right after it was purchased in February 2005.
This vehicle is in great shape, and I have a lot planned for it.

Future plans include:
Full-size computer with mobile internet and flat screen monitor
Converting the engine to run on hydrogen



This is the interior. It has two sunroofs, real wood paneling, and a couch/bed.

The vehicle came with an AM/FM/CD/MP3 CD player and four speakers that sound pretty good.

I added a 3000 watt Amp...

... and two 1800 watt subwoofers in a 4 port bandpass box.



Next I added two 160lb industrial deep cycle batteries from Crown Battery. Together they have a 450 amp hour capacity. The average car battery has 35.

You can see the batteries sitting behind the couch in the frame I constructed for them. A plywood cover goes over the whole frame and holds them secure.

There are fused connections to the alternator for charging and to the 1800 watt inverter that powers accessories.

This picture shows the plywood cover over the deep cycle batteries. On top are the 1800 watt power inverter (left) and the 1500 watt electric heater (right) that I tossed in the back.

Shown here are what look like black light tubes. They are actually "lava neon" accent lights that have an effect similar to a plasma ball.

The inverter again (center) and now a Schumacher SE-4020 battery charger (left) so I can leach power.