Project BobII

Above: A complete 4WD robot
designed at Duke University.

This project details the construction of the Bob II robot, a multi-function remote control vehicle capable of sending back wireless audio & video feeds as well as driving detachable hardware devices (grabber arm, missile launcher, etc.)

Technically remote control vehicles are not robots according to the strictest definition, but if the bomb squad can call their R/C a robot than this thing has just as much a right.

Everyone asks me about Bob I... lets just say that Bob I was my personal hero and so I am commemorating his untimely departure with a vehicle that blows things up.



I am building the Bob II robot on a stripped down 4WD R/C truck chassis from RadioShack. The unit is about 1.5ft long from bumper to bumper. I modified the system to accept two 7.2V battery packs for the main drive. Additionally, one 9.6V battery pack will be attached to power the secondary controls.

The 9.6V pack is now strapped on under the duct tape and the chassis is ready to accept the poly-coated base of the upper body.

Here the base is sitting on the chassis and seven LED headlights are in place.

Lookin pretty cool, huh?

Now for more details about the body panel. It has a two-way magnetic relay system (shown in blue) which doubles as a mobile camera mount. There are also two sets of three wires each on the top panel. They provide +7.2V constant to power accessories, as well as 2x +9.6V switched power. There will be a third set of wires added later for relay controls.

This is the underside of the same panel. Shown is the simple first-stage wiring and fusible links that are related to the functioning of the board.