Procedure: Setting up the D-Link DWL-G710 Network Range Extender
Let GATW = the IP Address of:
   if available: Existing Main Network Router
   or if no router: Existing DHCP Server
   or if neither of above are present: Repeater to-be-Configured,, by default.

1. Power up the Network Range Extender (Repeater) and wait ~30sec. for device boot.
2. Configure a wireless client PC with the following settings, to access the repeater:
   Note: It may also be possible to access repeater via wired Ethernet; not outlined here.
   IP Address         = 192.168.0.c    such that: c = an available integer [2-254]
   Subnet Mask      =    or the matching subnet setting on the repeater
   Default Gateway = 192.168.0.g    such that: g = final quartet of the GATW variable
     Note: To use the DWL-G710 as a temporary/makeshift Wireless Access Point without
              DHCP, the following additional parameter must also be entered on all client PC's:
   Preferred DNS Server = d    such that: d = the IP address of the primary DNS
   server already being used by the existing network
   In Makeshift WAP Mode, The Repeater's Default Gateway must also = d.  See procedure
   below, and modify step#11 accordingly.

3. Using the client PC, browse to (default) or the Repeater's current IP address.

4. Log into the Repeater. The default login information is as follows:
   user = admin
   pass = <blank>

5. Click the Wireless tab at the top of the config page.
6. Click Site Survey and/or enter the SSID and channel of the network you wish to attach to.
7. Settings for SSID Broadcast, Security, Authentication, and WEP Encryption must match the existing network's settings exactly.
8. If the existing network employs WEP, WPA-PSK, or WPA2-PSK for security, the WEP Mode section must be filled out with a minimal requirement of one (1 of 4) HEX or ASCII Keys being entered to match the existing network's security settings.
9. Click Apply.
10. Admin password and Repeater IP may be customized as desired.
11. Gateway setting on Repeater should be set to match the
GATW variable at this point.
12. Subnet Mask setting on Repeater must match the subnet of the main network Router and/or DHCP Server.

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