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Disable Non Genuine Windows Warning Messages: WGA Workarounds to remove WGATray.exe

This copy of Microsoft Windows XP is not genuine

Windows XP Pirates have again found workaround methods to bypass the new Microsoft Anti-Piracy effort - Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications that notifies you through annonying pop-up messages if your copy of Windows is not genuine by by disabling WGATray.exe process.

The WGA Notifications patch is installed if the user has opted to automatically update Windows via the Windows Update Website or if a XP users manually downloads the latest Windows updates.

A workaround posted on internet WGA install workaround (KB905474) suggests the following:

End the process wgatray.exe in Windows TaskManager and restart Windows XP in safe mode. Now delete the following files:

Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\windowss\ystem32
Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\windows\system32\dllcache

Start Windows Registry editor and delete the folder "WGALOGON" located in the following location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinlogonNotify. Delete all references in your registry to WgaTray.exe

Another alternative suggest that three files are installed Windows XP System Folder:


The wgatray.exe process makes the check for genuine windows software. You can disable WGA by removing the execute bit on WgaLogon.dll. That way, winlogon can't call it as a notification package at boot, and since WgaLogon is responsible for running and maintaining WgaTray.exe, no more tray popups either.

To change the execute bit of WgaLogon.dll, first turn off Simple File Sharing. Now right click the file in Windows Explorer and open the Security Tab. Hit the Advanced button, uncheck the Inherit box at the bottom, hit the Copy button, then hit OK. Go through each listed user/group and remove the "Read & Execute" permission for that file, leaving the "Read" permission as-is.

Hit OK to apply the permission changes and close the file properties dialog. Restart the machine. You can now turn "Use simple file sharing" back on, if you want.

A third alternative posted on the internet suggest that users clear the content of file data.dat located in the following directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage\data

Save the data.dat empty file and change the attributes to "Read Only" - Restart you computer. Or start your PC in Safe Mode and delete the following files from Windows system32 folder - wgalogon.dll spmgs.dll wgatray.exe The WGA setup file is in C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\ Download\6c4788c9549d437e76e1773a7639582a

If you don't use "Fast User Switching", you can disable the Windows XP Welcome Screen if you are logged in as an Administrator. This will remove the initial WGA Warning Screen:

1. Click on Start -> Control Panel ->User Accounts
2. Click on "Change the way users log on or off"
3. Uncheck "Use the Welcome Screen" - Choose Apply
4. Close the User Accounts window and the Control Panel
5. The next time you reboot your computer, the classic login prompt will be used

To enable Fast User Switching, you must also enable the Use the Welcome screen option. Also, Fast User Switching cannot be used when Offline Files are enabled.

Disable wgatray.exe - Some users are claiming that removing the WGATray.exe (or killing the WGATray.exe process) are working for them. Here's how to search for WGATray.exe file - Screenshot

None of these methods are guaranteed to work and people are just experimenting. Meanwhile Microsoft is not willing to relent to crackers this time and are planning to release an update of WGADiag2.exe utility in the next few days.

WGADiag2 will also fix the problem with registry key permissions may cause the installation of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications KB905474 to fail from Windows Update:

Here's a manual fix provided by Microsoft. These permissions can be repaired using Registry Editor as follows:

1. Click Start, and then click Run
2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK
4. Locate the subkey HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LegitCheckControl.LegitCheck
5. Right-click the subkey and select Permissions….
6. Ensure that Administrators allowed Full Control permission
7. Repeat steps 3-6 for the subkey

Microsoft has also published a kB article if the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation check process does not validate successfully on a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer, and you receive one or both of the following error messages:

Product Key Inaccessible 0x80080212

This problem occurs when you do not have the appropriate permissions for the Windows Genuine Advantage\Data folder. In the Permissions for Users section, make sure that Read & Execute, List Folder Contents and Read permissions are given. If the previous steps fail, start the computer in Safe Mode and rename the %allusersprofile%\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage directory.

Various patches already exists to byepass the WGA check that validates your copy of Windows XP with Windows Update

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Published on Thursday, April 27, 2006 at

Reader Comments:

Written by Russ Dodd at 30/4/06 10:56 AM

WGA Install now works (thanks to your blog!)

Thank You for your wonderful blog site and all your efforts to inform and enlighten people on computer issues.
I have been struggling with many software problems due to running OneCare beta, IE 7 beta etc, even trying an early Vista beta.

These have created a host of problems for my laptop and since I am "away for home" in medical school, I have need help in fix things. MS beta support folks are apparently too overwhelmed to offer any real assistance. Yet, time and time again, I have found workable solutions on your blog (usually by Googling) and can't never find these via MS KB or support forum searchs. Most recently, your note on "WGA install work-arounds" was awesome and fixed a long-running problem for me.

While I chose the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ LegitCheckControl.LegitCheck permissions path over the WGA defeat path, the second one was very tempting since MS has become so obsessed with catching and punishing software pirates that it is willing to treat its paying customers like criminals.

Folks like you, along with Mark and Bryce at, are really making a great difference in how, dare I say, millions of Windows users keep their systems functioning and productive. I myself, and Microsoft users in general, really owe you, Man!

Thanks Again,

Written by Anonymous at 1/5/06 4:09 PM

Even better, as the WGA will probaly be reinstalled next update, just instal Zone Alarm and 'Kill' WGA in the allowed programs section.

Thus it is never ever allowed to run on your PC again!!!!

Written by Anonymous at 2/5/06 12:58 AM

For those who dont want to install zonealarm go over to and download autoruns. Run the program, go to the winlogon tab and uncheck the WgaLogon entry. No more boot screen or or tray icons. Simple!

Written by Disable WGATray: Microsoft Genuine at 4/5/06 7:41 PM

Some system administrators are finding that Microsoft's WGA Notifications add-in is incorrectly labeling PCs used in public places, such as university computer labs, as counterfeits.

The problem with the WGA installation is that it works perfectly fine as long as you are using an account with administrative rights on the system. As soon as one of the students, or other non-administrative level account, logs on to the system it screams that it is not a valid copy of windows and it is counterfeit.

As long as business was good Microsoft didn't care too much if some copies of Windows and Office weren't official and registered. Piracy was less costly than customer service.

My suggestion: Use system restore to prevent the piracy check.

Written by Anonymous at 5/5/06 1:19 AM

This is all you have to do:

Start Windows Registry editor and delete the folder "WGALOGON" located in the following location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinlogonNotify

Written by brion111 at 5/5/06 6:14 AM

I tried top manually remove the updates and had no success. As simple as it is, it worked. I performed a system restore to the previous day as to when I installed the update. Poof!

Written by Remove WGA Tray by registry disable at 5/5/06 8:51 AM

Removing this is easy. Too easy infact. Click on the start menu and select run and type this:
%windir%\system32\wgatray.exe /u

Click on the start menu again and select run and type: regedit
Navigate to the following key and delete the key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\WgaLogon
Reboot and enjoy

Or you may then safely delete the following files
Just click on the start menu and select run and type the following

cmd /c "del %windir%\system32\wgatray.exe"
then this one
cmd /c "del %windir%\system32\WGAlogon.dll"
and finally this one
cmd /c "rmdir /s /q %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\Download\6c4788c9549d437e76e1773a7639582a"

Written by Wierdy1024 at 6/5/06 1:03 AM

Um, I hate to state the obvious, but if you right click the WGA tray icon, and select "change notification settings", then select "Don't notify me again", and "Yes I know this voids me from product support", and then all notifications are gone - no workaround required!

Written by IT Specialist at 6/5/06 4:06 AM

Dudes, all you have to do is get from the internet one copy of that Windows Live on CD (XP version), burn it on a CD, boot from that cd, go to the Windows folder of your installation, delete all the files (dlls and those exe) mentioned here above in the in this blog, and also go to registry ediror from your Windows and delete all the entries mentioned above! And to be more shure, also replace your LegitCheck.dll file with the "patched" one. You can find that with google. Good luck!

Written by Anonymous at 6/5/06 9:29 AM

Hi! Everybody!

I assumed that the windows xp update was harmless, Ha! Ha!

I renamed the wgalogon.dll to wgalogon.lld and the wgatray.exe to wgatray.xex, both of those in the windows system32 folder. Then I made a backup of data.dat (just in case) way down in the documents and settings, all users, application data, windows genuine advantage folder and edited the original file with notepad. I simply highlighted all of the data in there and hit the delete key and saved the file. WGA-BE-GONE! Woo hoo!

And for you who think that I'm evil. My original xp home disk and my upgrade to pro disk have been verified by the evil empire as genuine. I went round and round with microsquish in August of 2005 analyzing my system. They would not offer me a non dollar relinquishment to fix the problem. If you add that up, I'm already in for $300.00. No mas!

It was some moron at the store that I bought the computer from that cut the corners that resulted in my computer failing the wga test.

I hope that this may work for you should you have any problems with windows xp.

Btw I'm looking forward to Vista.


Written by SenatorsFan at 6/5/06 10:37 AM

After reading all of this I tried several of the suggestions and found that I was completely unable to start my PC in Safe Mode. I did manage to delete the WgaTray.exe file, though, with the Task Manager trick of shutting that exe down and deleting two of the 3 files quickly. The last one, wgaLogon.dll I had to move to my Desktop and delete upon a restart.

I hope that Microshaft gets into trouble for its spyware practices one of these days. They have no business "invading" my PC without my authority. I can't help it that my copy was placed on my PC by a rather shady PC-builder! I paid him for what I thought was a working PC with a copy of XP loaded that was legit. Now it turns out its not and that guy is back in whatever Middle Eastern country he came from. So I am supposed to suffer? I don't think so Microshaft! Go suck an egg, Gates! You've gotten more than enough money from me for a lifetime and a half. Your descendents for 5 generations will never be hungry while billions go without food each day, thanks to greedy chumps like you!

Written by Anonymous at 7/5/06 3:24 PM

Mr IT specialist, what a convoluted workaround when all thats required is a batch file and a reg file.
First rule is keep it simple stupid. Second rule is look at the first rule.
P.S. i just like to thank microsoft for keeping it simple.

Written by Anonymous at 9/5/06 3:15 AM

I agree with Mr KISS - My solution was even easier just Rename C:\windows\system32\winlogon.dll to winlogoff.dll

problem solved for me and all my friends

The simple tech - Oh and don't forget to not install WGA again

Written by Anonymous at 10/5/06 6:27 AM

I wish it was as easy as not installing WGA again. I successfully removed WGA by using System Restore only to find two days later that it had reinstalled itself via automatic updates (i did not allow it to install it just managed to do it on its own. This new version of WGA is an extremely persistent little cancer on my machine. Does anyone have a permanent solution?

Written by Anonymous at 10/5/06 10:10 PM

I found away that works (so far!).. I just went into windows/sys32 and changed a couple letters in wgadll file and WGAtray.exe.. and I alos ran sysgate personal firewall... it is great anyway and I used the KILL option to keep WGA from messing with me... so far so good...

Written by Anonymous at 11/5/06 1:20 AM

I'd just re-installed windows xp and don't update it, most of the time windoze updates do more bad than good, as long as you have good Anti-Virus/Spyware progs you'll be fine, I myself use Aone Alarm Pro, Ad-Aware SE, Spybot S&D and Spyware Doctor, I also have FireFox as my browser, i have hardly ever had any problems, why are you guys so persistant on updating your windoze?

Written by Anonymous at 11/5/06 3:48 AM

Has anyone come up with a solution for the bsod that occurs in about 1% of slp sp2 installations at the restart after wga notifications install ?

Written by Tasslehoff Burrfoot at 11/5/06 7:48 AM

Yeah but if it's posted microsoft will update the wga programs or create more wga files. Just follow the another solution method disabling the execute bits for the wgatray and wgalogon files described above and spend ten minutes googling or wiki-ing for djlizard to add a registry key to disable the legitchek activex addon and windows update will work fine afterwards.

Written by Melhacker at 12/5/06 3:11 PM

I have provide a little tools for anyone who want to remove WGA that could be annoying for some one. Trust it, there is no harmful code. Feel free to distribute this tools.

File content:
- wgaremover.exe
- readme.txt

Download from any of the link:


Written by Anonymous at 13/5/06 10:23 AM

Darn it, M$ is becoming a pain in the arse, heres a big workaround, why doesn't someone with a legit copy of windows server dowload all their patches and start their own windows update site.

Written by MrMike at 16/5/06 3:52 AM

If you already installed the new WGA update do a System Restore (WGA makes a restore point) at the point WGA was installed to remove it.

Then set your Auto-Updates (in Control Panel) to “Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them”.

Eventually WinXP will check for updates and notify you with a yellow shield on Taskbar near your clock. Click the yellow shield to open the update and choose “Custom” (not express) for install.

Update will then ask you to accept the “Windows Genuine Advantage” update, choose Decline and then another box will popup and select “Never ask me again”

Written by Jeff at 17/5/06 9:28 AM

I you don't set your Auto-Updates to “Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them”, does this mean that Windows Genuine Advantage may be installed automatically?
Because most of the time, you have to click on the windows update icon to icon to instll updates anyway.

Written by Colton at 20/5/06 6:09 AM

Wow... thank you so much, I need to link to this, and I will tell all my friends. I tried all three methods and it worked. Thanks so much fellows. Rate this 10/10!

Written by Anonymous at 20/5/06 9:06 AM

The more I read on this and the more I have to deal with it, I have come to the conculsion that this is the worst virus I've ever had to deal with. A simple class action law suit might be the fix. Most hackers who creat these kind of virus are punished through the legal system.

Written by Anonymous at 20/5/06 8:08 PM

Can someone please tell is Melhackers fix qenuine or just a piece of mailious code?

Written by Anonymous at 21/5/06 12:11 AM

Melhacker, thank you so much for your patch. It worked very nicely on my comp and all is gone now! Keep up the good work.

Written by AnimatedBread at 23/5/06 8:42 AM

This is an other idea to solve the problem of"Disable Non Geniue Windows Warning Massages: WGA"

1.Go to:WINDOWS/System 32/System Restore Application

2.Choose a date before you updated your Windows and start the restoring process.(Just following the instructions)Take couple of minutes and you are done!

That easy it is!
By the way, I tryed all version u guys posted in here, but non of them was work for me. Untill I figured out this one.(I did on Windows XP,but different systems could be work if they have this option.

(: AnimatedBread

Written by AnimatedBread at 23/5/06 9:28 AM

Hi again,
Now, I just read it some people already try it this option.Anyway, I posted earlier my correction, but I don't see yet so, I will repeat.
I forgot to write that, before I did the restoring process I deleted the C:WINDOWS\Prefetch folder.Which is the is why, I do not think it will be come back!
You have smart ideas by the way, what I haven't try yet! Next time!

Written by Anonymous at 24/5/06 1:43 PM

The Melhacker patch is the hammer.
Download it, run it, and wga is gone...its not malicious code at all.
Thanks Mel

Written by Anonymous at 24/5/06 7:01 PM

I have just used Melhacker's fix. On start up I have had a message about a file called wgatmp (can't remember the suffix)The message asked if I wanted to run it as it did not have signature. I opted for run. Is that the correct thing to do? If so I will tell it not to ask me in future.

Written by Anonymous at 26/5/06 12:03 PM

This is what I did, Windows update installed the offending update and I hated it on site, I then did a system restore and found I had to restore two days back, OK I did that, I then waited for the windows update, then when it was finished, I right clicked on the yellow icon for the update and checked the box to not allow this particular update to install then checked the box do not notify me again for this update, simple, though I am unsure I will recieve updates in future doing this, but I didnt recieve any warning that I wouldn't recieve any.

Written by GECKO at 26/5/06 5:54 PM

>If you already installed the new WGA >update do a System Restore (WGA makes >a restore point) at the point WGA was >installed to remove it.

>Then set your Auto-Updates (in Control >Panel) to “Download updates for me, >but let me choose when to install >them”.

>Eventually WinXP will check for >updates and notify you with a yellow >shield on Taskbar near your clock. >Click the yellow shield to open the >update and choose “Custom” (not >express) for install.
>Update will then ask you to accept the >“Windows Genuine Advantage” update, >choose Decline and then another box >will popup and select “Never ask me >again”

All I can do is repeat the above advice for not getting the WGA tool again(or even the first time), as that is what I have found out from experience, and what I was going to say before I saw someone had got there first.

P.S. This is how to get sp2 if you want it, but don't have valid windows xp:
Go to microsoft auto update, turn 'em on, and sit back and relax. :)

Written by Anonymous at 27/5/06 6:12 AM

All of these fixes work until you reboot. Then windows Prompts you that you have updates to install via Windows Automatic Updates. Then it simply reinstalls the WGA Software and updates, then your back to square one again.

Written by Anonymous at 27/5/06 3:35 PM

This works for me to disable the logon screen bug, the systray remover is easy

1: Goto windows update site and download the full toolkit, the one from the automatic updates doesn't work correctly.

2: Install the full toolkit.

3: Single right click the icon bottom right in the systray and choose "Change Notification Settings"

4: In the IE window single left the + next to "notification options" and untick "display windows genuine..." then click "save settings".

5: Tick the "yes I understand" button and then click "Yes I am sure" and then click "close".

DONE! 8D Weeeeeeeeeeeee

Written by Anonymous at 28/5/06 3:01 AM

Hi. I am trying to install Windows Media player 11 on a computer that is not genunine. It tells me that it is not genunine. How can i install it? Thanks
PS I have tryed the legitcheckcontrol file.

Written by SilverBullet at 31/5/06 6:45 AM

Just extract the files from wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe into a new folder then install wmp11.exe, wmfdist11.exe, wmdbexport.exe and umdf.exe then restart your pc.

Written by malleeboy at 31/5/06 8:55 AM

I just used melhacker's link and now my computer won't boot at all ... Ntfs.sys is missing or corrupt so perhaps beware of this particular "fix".

Written by Anonymous at 2/6/06 12:33 AM

Silverbullets version works perfect with the WGA release on 30/5/06 gets rid of popup and lets you do full updates again. Good work guy !

Written by Anonymous at 2/6/06 1:22 PM

Other idea, tested and it works :

1) Start Windows Registry editor and delete the folder "WGALOGON" located in the following location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinlogonNotify

2) Deactivate Microsoft Update

Boot on CD thin another Os (Windows or Linux on a CD)

Then rename wgatray.exe (vagtray.exe_zzz) on windows\system32, windows\dllcache.
renamee wgalogon.dll and LegitCheckControl.dll too.
Then reboot with Windows and enjoy.

Written by Anonymous at 5/6/06 7:11 AM

After reinstalling XP SP1 I took "ALL" the updates and found the puke colored splot on my task bar warning me that my build won't be supported by $MS$ it ever was. Just use HijackThis and ZoneAlarm to temporarly disable the "NEW" ad for Vista (WGA) and all the other nice free stuff $MS$ offers and if you need more nice upgrades just undo HijackThis and allow ZoneAlarm to show $MS$ you paid for your OS, then upgrade file nasty reminder from $MS$ that they "CONTROL" all.
It was funny, I went to Task Manager to unload WGATASK.EXE and when I did a reboot I was informed that my retail copy of Micro-Snoop XP Pro was a boot-leg copy. I paid cash for it so it must be s__t.

Written by mshacker at 5/6/06 6:29 PM

I have an actual legit copy of windows XP Pro. I have also downloaded windows Media center edition. are there files i can transfer from the legit hard drive to the non-legit hard drive that will trick Microsoft Update into thinking that my Media Center is legit...With my legit system, windows update must be reading a file that tells the site that my system is legit. Is there a file i can copy over or over write on my non-legit system, so that when ms-updates reads my system it also thinks this is a legit system too??? Thanks.

Written by Anonymous at 7/6/06 1:59 PM

i dont have any wgatray file on my computer at all ?? and still cant download windows media player because i get the non geniune message??? please HELP!

Written by Anonymous at 7/6/06 10:33 PM

rename the wga protocall check it with a regedit and follow up by changing the numeric value associated within the registry. After that non-genuine becomes genuine. Changing the binary 1-0 factory switches the system from being non-genuine to genuine.

Written by Anonymous at 11/6/06 6:49 PM

Thank you all I can tell you that it worked for me and nothing bad happens if you delete the registry item.

Written by Anonymous at 12/6/06 8:22 PM

I found the best fix of all...
Get a Mac.
With Bootcamp, you can run XP if you are really into self-abuse, or you can run OSX and relax.
Just trying to help ;)

Written by P at 14/6/06 11:59 AM

Its funny. All I had to do was got to the system32 folder and rename wgalogon.dll. Nag completely gone and it doesn't renistall up OS load. WGAtray.exe proved impossible to end process as the first instruction says to do. AS it automatically reloads. On a whim I renamed the above DLL and had sucess. But I also wnt into safe mode after the fact anddeleted the wgatray.exe just to make sure I don't see it on my nexrt reboot. There wasn' one in the software distrubtion folder and there is no dllcache folder

Written by Anonymous at 15/6/06 3:35 AM

I located Wgalogon.dll and renamed it to Wgalokgon.dll and everything was GONE. This really works!! If U want to get rid of the update sheild, then go to the MS home site and click the message that "don't notify me again" it is gone like the wind.

Written by Anonymous at 15/6/06 6:38 AM

I haven't been able to figure this out, but what happens if we simply don't install it?

Written by Anonymous at 15/6/06 7:38 AM

cool, thanks, in the meanwhile i work on a ms update server with an additional patch for every client... since bandwidth usage costs money, i will probably ask a small fee to sign up, covering the costs... as said, working on it, so be patient

Written by Anonymous at 15/6/06 6:23 PM about paying £92 for a genuine key and CD...
no more problems after that

Written by Anonymous at 15/6/06 6:24 PM about paying £92 for a genuine key and CD...
no more problems after that

Written by Anonymous at 16/6/06 8:44 AM

I have found another way to disable this WGA garbage, by changing the file permissions so the files used by WGA cannot be accessed at all, not even by Windows. Please note that the following only works if the partition on which Windows is installed is formatted NTFS:

1. Reboot in Safe Mode
2. Open the folder C:\WINDOWS\System32 (Replace "C:" with whatever drive letter if necessary)
3. Right-click on WgaTray.exe, and select "Properties"
4. Click the "Security" tab
5. In the "Permissions For" list at the bottom, put a checkmark next to "Full Control" under "Deny"
6. Select the next entry in the "Group or user names" list, and repeat step 5. Do this for every name under the Group/Names list
7. Click OK. You will be shown a warning saying how Deny overrides Allow. Click the Yes button.
8. Repeat steps 3-7 for the files "WgaLogon.dll" and "LegitCheckControl.dll"
9. Open the folder C:\WINDOWS\System32\dllcache
10. Repeat steps 3-7 for the files "WgaTray.exe" and "WgaLogon.dll"
11. Reboot the computer

Assuming the permissions were set correctly on all necessary files, you should now be enjoying WGA-free bliss.

Written by Anonymous at 17/6/06 8:44 AM

System Restore worked for me. It's been six days now, and it has not returned. I restored the system to 10 days before.

Written by Anonymous at 17/6/06 9:22 PM

Updates can be obtained with Autopatcher.

Also, if users download and install the beta 2 version of Vista using the key provided by e-mail when they register to download, it will validate. Updates for other operating systems can be downloaded and saved using Vista.

Written by Anonymous at 19/6/06 5:31 AM

After I installed patches including wga on a genuine XP professional, my system failed to return from the sleep mode and only reboot could help. That happened every time pc was getting into powersave mode, not to mention that it became much slower to boot. Finally, I got a blue screen (for the first time) and after that I could not boot. Beleive it or not, this f****n wga crap changed the boot order of disks in the bios!
I removed it and system works like a charm again.

Written by Anonymous at 20/6/06 3:27 AM

brilliant thanks nice to get rid of that windows authentic message

Written by Anonymous at 20/6/06 3:30 AM

nice thanks good to get rid of that windows authentication message

Written by Anonymous at 2/7/06 7:50 PM

hey all i did it with out safe mode and its works fine use metod 1 and i works easy as pie i love hacking lol f!!@ microsoft i also hack my xbox

Written by Anonymous at 6/7/06 12:39 PM

system restore works too then disable update

Written by Anonymous at 8/7/06 5:39 AM

This is why i'll be purchasing a macbook with intel core duo come december, I'll use osX for surfing the web and install my bootleg XP to run my other bootleg programs... Be aware that i am in a third world country that the only means of knowledge is to persevere and find ways. $100++(xp price) is a month's worth salary here, and i'm lucky. some might get as less as $10 a month, So i will patronize bootleg programs until i get a chance to get out of this country... I'm just glad that macs nowadays are starting to reach out to the masses and offer reasonably priced computers.

Written by Anonymous at 9/7/06 7:05 AM

Easy Fix

Use Hijack This: (Find it at

1. press Scan and Save to log file
2. Check the Check-box for
O20-Winlogon Notify:Wgalogon-C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Wgalogon.dll
3. press FIX Checked
4. Restart

Written by Anonymous at 10/7/06 6:56 PM

Hey everyone! Thanks for the help, disabled the bi*ch, shut off auto-updates, and am happily using my PC again. I was almost cotemplating the possibility of thinking about switching to Mac (shudders), just because of how Microsoft are behaving with this.

Great to see the real spirit of WWW alive and kicking, cheers all!

Written by Anonymous at 17/7/06 6:48 AM

Download autoruns:

Uncheck wgatray.exe in the Winlogin tab. Restart. I did the same and it hasn't been back.

Written by Anonymous at 18/7/06 9:56 PM

Umm all you have to do is load up hijackthis in safe mode and delete the key. All these other steps aren't even necessary.

Written by Vegard at 19/7/06 8:39 AM

No people...its not that difficult ;)
I found a way that made it sooo easy to remove this microsoft warning shit:D

1. Go to windows->system32
2. Delete wgatray.exe
3. download this file:

Just choose free download and write the letters to start the download...

Save te WGANotify.settings file to:

4. Restart your computer and the ugly banner is gone :D ;D

Written by katie998 at 21/7/06 5:07 AM

Okay. Not only can I not get the notification off my screen, but now I am receiving messages upon starting my comp that I am in danger of imminent hard disk drive failure. I tried changing the settings on the tray for the notificaiton. It didn't work. I tried changing permission on the legitcheck and legitcheck1. It didn;t work, and it was right after doing this that I rebotted and the hard drive failure message began coming up. (Black screen. Press F1 to continue) I tried the microsof settings thing. I turned off my automatic updates. I can not restore system settings, nor can I reload the xp cd. I can't afford to wipe my system. What really sucks is that this copy is genuine. It came with my laptop that I bought for too much $ from best buy. My luck! Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated, and just to let you know that I only know enough about computers to mess them up usually. So kiss--(simple). K

Written by Anonymous at 29/7/06 1:42 AM

all this needs is one real post that is easy to follow, that will make our systems genuine, email me at with solution. thanks

Written by Anonymous at 30/7/06 10:37 AM

I just used the system restore wizard to restore my computers settings to the day before i installed the update. Not sure if i can still get updates (don't really care either) but at least it removes the annoying warnings.

Written by Anonymous at 30/7/06 10:51 PM

I dont have any file with WGA in my system and still I cant download windows media player can someone please help

Written by Anonymous at 2/8/06 6:59 PM

Open the files in wordpad and type like crazy, save it. Use unlocker upon permission denied

Written by Anonymous at 4/8/06 5:47 PM

hey there, i struggled to find the wgatray files on my computer, but used the autoruns program suggested above to sort out this problem. It has worked brilliantly so thankyou. It was becoming a nightmare as often my PC would not shut down properly and would just leave the windows non genuine bubble up. All sorted now. cheers.

Written by Anonymous at 18/8/06 9:33 PM

When you stopped the WgaTray.exe and delete the file immidiatly in 1 second, then the only problem is de WgaLogon.dll because it is in use. Simply start the explorer. Select c:\windows\system32\WgaLogon.dll and choose the option REPLACE FILE.
Replace the file to another folder and reboot your system.
After the reboot delete the file WgaLogon.dll


Written by Anonymous at 18/8/06 11:15 PM

Hi people,
I just found out that if you rename the wgalogon.dll to wgalogoff.dll and the wgatray.exe file to wgatray.qdf, you are able to delete them with the explorer. After that you can use taskmanager to shut down the wgatray.exe and it won't come back. After a reboot all my troubles were gone. Hope this works for you too!

Written by pubfiles at 24/8/06 1:39 PM

Its very simple.

What you will need?
1> A blank floppy
2> Floppy Drive

How to remove.
First Stage

1.Start you Windows normally.
2.Go to My computer
3.Insert blank Floppy Disk
4.Right click on Floppy Drive and Click on 'Create MS DOS Start up Disk'.
5.Click on Start then click on OK(1st Stage finished)
6.Click on Start-> Search
7. Type in 'wga' and wait till the search is finished
8. Now select and delete all the files.
9.Note down the name and path of those files which are not deleted (write on paper).

Second Stage

10.Now Rebbot the computer,
11.Let the floppy disk be in the drive
12.Your computer will automatically start in MS-DOS mode. (If it doesn't then you may need to change your boot prioprities settings from BIOS this link [] will explain on how to do this.
13.Now go to path where the previously un-deleted files are left. (By typing 'C:' to switch to any drive, and 'cd folder' followed by the name of the folder.
14.'del filename' followed by the name of the file, will allow you delete any file.
15. Now delete wgatray.exe, and wgalogon.dll files.

Now restart the computer and its done.

Written by NakGrw at 26/8/06 7:36 PM

I dont have any wgatray file on my PC at all ?? and already replaced data.dat still cant download updates getting "Unable to validate this copy of Windows
The validation process could not be completed because the validation control is unable to read the product key stored on this computer. We are unable to verify whether this copy of Windows is genuine."
please HELP

Written by Anonymous at 5/9/06 7:38 PM

thnks a lot it works with all above idea. thanks alot

Written by Anonymous at 7/9/06 8:24 AM

why dont you all just go macintosh and then you wouldn't have to worry about all this macro$hafting. ive never heard of mr. mac invading your privacy or complaining about how you didn't pay $$$ for him. and who cares about compatibility? btw, i thouroughly enjoy not being able to run any programs with ease

Written by Anonymous at 10/9/06 2:09 PM

Help i'm trying 2 install window media player and it wont work.It keeps saying my computer is not a genuine or somthing and i also got rid of all the wgatray i think.Some help me or email me at

Written by Anonymous at 16/9/06 9:39 PM

I just happened to bump upon this wonderful blog which really proves to be rather useful.

i have an additional method: it's even more idiot-proof

Simply go to your search button and search for "wgatray.exe". You should get 2 files being located somewhere in Windows folder. When you try to delete them, by the old classical method of just hitting the "delete" key, they would give an error that it is in use. When u *ctrl+alt+delete* and stop the "wgatray.exe" process, it "smartly" re-establishes its process.

Solution? simple, gotta be a little quick that's all.
keep both the searched files window and the task manager open. Stop the "wgatray.exe" process, and instantly *alt-tab* to the search files window. And quickly hit the delete key. Then, POOF all gone :D

stupid method. Microsoft was thinking of preventing ppl to delete it's process, but i guess they forgot the basics...

Written by Anonymous at 17/9/06 1:16 PM

It was posted before, but after reading it all, this is the easiest & safest method:

* goto
* download program
* run the program
* go to the winlogon tab
* uncheck WgaLogon

Continue to update XP as per usual.
Down with M$

Written by Anonymous at 27/9/06 6:07 PM

The absolute for sure way to remove this little bast ard so it cant return is - uninstall Windows XP and install Linux Ubuntu 6.06 Microsoft wouldnt try to send WGA to a Linux machine would they hahaha

Written by Anonymous at 1/10/06 8:19 PM

I too had the wga nagging icon on my computer, followed tips and deleted wga related files. Now no more nagging, I had try to d/l IE7 in a non genuine win computer and a genuien win computer, when trying to install geniune check kicked in on both cases so I cannot install on a non genuine win computer. Anyone out there found a work-around. ?
Thank you.

Written by Anonymous at 2/10/06 11:11 AM

I agree with Mr KISS - My solution was even easier just Rename C:\windows\system32\winlogon.dll to winlogoff.dll

problem solved for me and all my friends

Thanks aaaaaaa loooootttttttttttttttttttt

Written by Anonymous at 15/10/06 6:11 AM


I was called by a friend today, his version of windows xp is registered, but a small pop-up at logon claims there is x days to register windows (when th button is clicked, is says that xp is already registered).

Any solution to this?

Written by ewout at 3/11/06 11:54 PM

it works!!! thank you:D

Written by arjh at 9/12/06 10:55 PM

I have found that the procedures mentioned above as: "Start Windows Registry editor and delete the folder "WGALOGON" located in the following location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinlogonNotify" is the best for my case. Appreciation is due to Posted 5/5/06 1:19 AM by Anonymous

Written by Anonymous at 2/1/07 11:16 PM

ive downloaded media player 11,ive installed it,when it cums to setup it wants to scan the comp to see if its genuwin which it aint I NEED HELP what do i do next??. ive tried wat silver bullet said but when i run the wmdbexport.exe nothing happens

Written by Anonymous at 2/1/07 11:32 PM

all i did to get rid of the WGA signs is do a systm restore point to a day befor i got the signs and made sure that all windows updates wer downladed atomatically but not installed untill i say so (Got to control panal got to secutiry center go to automatic updates chose the second choice and apply)then wen the shild thing comes up in the bit wer the time is u let it download but wen it goes to install chose custome install and un-tick the Windows Genuine Advantage update clik continu then clik ok and ur DONE u wont get the annoying signs

Written by HumanRight at 1/4/07 3:21 PM

Thanks! I've just tried the solution below, it works 100%!!!

End the process wgatray.exe in Windows TaskManager and restart Windows XP in safe mode. Now delete the following files:

Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\windowss\ystem32
Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\windows\system32\dllcache

Start Windows Registry editor and delete the folder "WGALOGON" located in the following location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinlogonNotify. Delete all references in your registry to WgaTray.exe

Written by Anonymous at 14/4/07 7:32 AM

its true. deleting the three aforementioned files from the system32 folder did the trick.. NO MORE POP UPS!!!!!
if a file wont delete ,, use "unlocker" to unlock it ..

Written by Per at 28/5/07 6:54 PM

im using a backup cd of my winxp and a ligit key, but wmp11 install says im having a pirated copy? what to do?

tried many thigs here but none is working...?

Written by jagdip at 9/6/07 4:02 PM

Hi, I'm jagdeep using Microsoft windows xp media center edition but i can't install the new softwares like windows media player 11 & internet explorer 7. it gives the error of windows validation. can you please help me out in resolving this issue?

Please reply me at my E-mail address : ;

Written by Anonymous at 28/7/07 1:59 AM

for tha last to ,ie7 wmp problems may i recomend !

-fire fox
(even )fire fox portible !!

-winamp !!

and while im on it im rarther enjoying
-maranda im
with its 10mb foot print

aposed to msn (its now)live
i just wana send a few mesages

if in doubt google it

-----finaly ---in reply to --
Darn it, M$ is becoming a pain in the arse, heres a big workaround, why doesn't someone with a legit copy of windows server dowload all their patches and start their own windows update site.

13/5/06 10:23 AM

this is a must

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