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Divx502 The free version of DivX 5.02. This is required to play our video clips. We would prefer that you download the latest version from but it's here because you suck.
Run This works just like the run command on the Windows start menu. This program, however, is useful on systems from which the run command has been removed.
AcidWarp Cool to watch ;-)
LAN Messenger Send popup messages to other computers/people over a LAN.

-  T e c h n i c a l   P r o c e d u r e s  -

Methods to Disable Genuine Advantage Notification in WinXP
Link Type: Copy of External Page
Multiple strategies to disable Microsoft's new Genuine Advantage Notification tool from hounding users with irritating messages.
: [1] Local Copy Saved 10-18-2007.
How to Disable Balloon Tip Text in WinXP
Link Type: Procedural Summary
The thread discusses multiple strategies to disable the little yellow balloon tips near the system tray in Windows XP.
: [2] Summary Written 10-18-2007.
Setting up the D-Link DWL-G710 WiFi Repeater to extend an existing network
Link Type: Procedural Summary
Procedure outlines configuring D-Link's DWL-G710 Network Range Extender as a repeater to extend an existing WiFi network.
Sources: [Personal Experience] Summary Written 11-08-2007.
Workaround for IP Address Conflict when using D-Link DWL-G710 or similar Network Repeater
Link Type: Procedural Summary
This glitch becomes apparent when Windows uses Gratuitous ARP to detect possible IP Address conflicts on the network. The D-Link Repeater has been found to cause false conflict reports and subsequent network failure.
: [3] Summary Written 10-18-2007.
How to Enable/Disable "Simple" File Sharing in Windows XP
Link Type: Copy of External Page
Microsoft introduced this useless permission-less "simple" file sharing protocol in Windows XP. If you want to share files on a network, you'll probably want to revert back to the standard protocol.
Sources: [4] Local Copy Saved 11-09-2007.
Procedure to enable AutoLogon in Windows XP
Link Type: Procedural Summary
This procedure allows you to bypass the manual logon / password entry when starting your Windows XP computer. Simply choose a user to automatically logon, enter that user's password, and reboot.
Sources: [5] Summary Written 11-08-2007.
How to suppress the Mandatory Registration in MS Office 2007
Link Type: Copy of External Page
This procedure could potentially be used to enable full-version functionality on an illegal or trial copy of the software.
Sources: [6] Local Copy Saved 10-20-2007.
Procedure for Removing Service Pack 2 from WinXP via Recovery Console
Link Type: Procedural Summary
This procedure removes Windows XP's Service Pack 2 via the DOS-Mode Recovery Console, which can be launched from the original bootable Windows Setup CD-ROM.  The Process should work for other service packs and Windows versions, assuming that appropriate changes are made at the command line when referencing directory names, etc.
Sources: [7] Summary Written 07-25-2008.
Procedure to Allow Guest Network Access via Simple File Sharing in WinXP
Link Type: Procedural Summary
Procedure resolves error messages and password issues when trying to access open network shares on a WinXP PC that is utilizing Simple File Sharing.
Sources: [8] Summary Written 08-05-2008.
Procedure for Removing Virus Response Lab 2009 (Malware Infection)
Link Type: Copy of External Page
Procedure details steps for manual removal of the "VirusResponse2009" a.k.a. "VirusResponseLab2009" malware infection that is currently plaguing many local PC's.
Sources: [9] Local Copy Saved 10-10-2008.
Procedure for Running Windows Picture and Fax Viewer Manually (via cmd-line or for file-association)
Link Type: Procedural Summary
This procedure details how to run Microsoft's Windows Picture and Fax Viewer *Manually* via the command-line interface or for use in customizing the Windows file-association/mime-typing system.
This has only been tested in MS Windows XP, and isn't likely to work with Windows versions older than Win2000.
Sources: Based on a nearly-functional Procedure found at [10] that was corrected for use here on 4-02-2008.
Procedure for Removing the Recycle Bin from the Desktop in Windows XP-2003
Link Type: Procedural Summary
Utilizes Windows Registry Editor to remove the Recycle Bin from the Desktop of a PC running Windows XP-2003.
Sources: [11] Summary Written 09-04-2009.