New York City Trip Pics (05/2003)

This was my high school senior trip to NYC.
It wasn't half bad, all things considered...
although, there was one part where we had to sit through a baseball game.
Private Pika and I counted exactly 100 airplanes that flew over the stadium while we were seated.
... and oh yeah, there was one moth that we thought was an airplane for a second, lol.

Josh is holding the bathroom door shut so Caitlin cannot escape.
Doesn't she look flustered when she finally gets out?
Time Square as seen from the wax museum.
Same thing, different angle.
George with Gandhi. No, not in the wax museum. For real.
Rachael, Gandhi, Dewar.
George with Lincoln.
There's me kicking the crap out of our President.
George and I are flipping off the great Mr. Gates. However, I think his girlfriend must have taken the picture, as that would explain why I'm not in it very much.
Caitlin is getting body painted in preparation for a baseball game.
Here, we see one of the few remaining members of an endangered species now found only in NYC: The naked cowboy.
There is his ass. It appears that this specimen has been tagged for identification.